Streetwise™ Program

Welcome to the Answer Financial Streetwise program. Streetwise is a voluntary program that rewards members for safe driving and provides feedback on driving behavior to promote self-awareness and accident avoidance. Through your use of approved data collection technology, Streetwise issues rewards and provides services based on your driving performance and preferences. Streetwise is administered by Answer Financial Inc.

Participation Requirements
You can become a member in the Streetwise by downloading the Streetwise application onto your mobile device. In order to participate in Streetwise and earn all of the rewards and services Streetwise has to offer, you must meet the eligibility requirements listed below. These terms may be amended, modified, waived, supplemented, or your Streetwise participation may be terminated at any time and for any reason.

Membership in Streetwise is dependent on our receipt of driving performance data, so you must accept and comply with the terms of any agreement that governs the method of recording data such as the Streetwise Application Terms of Service in order to participate in Streetwise.

Eligibility Requirements
You are responsible for taking the necessary steps to ensure proper data recording, as defined below. Any delay in these steps may impact your participation in the Streetwise and eligibility for Streetwise Rewards.

To become eligible and remain eligible for the Streetwise, you must:

  1. Be the legal, authorized driver of a vehicle
  2. Provide and maintain a valid and active email address and phone number
  3. Have a compatible mobile device, such as a smartphone, and install the Streetwise application
  4. Accept the Streetwise Application Terms of Service
  5. Enable location services on the mobile device
  6. Keep the Streetwise application on the mobile device and eligible to run in the background
  7. Record a minimum of 1 trip in the last 30 day period

Age Requirement
Streetwise membership and the Streetwise application are available to users of driving age. However, if you are under the age of 18, you should review this program with your parent or guardian to make sure that they understand the terms contained in this program.

Rewards Program
Streetwise uses a rewards program to award points to members under a variety of circumstances. An enrollment reward is contingent upon acceptance of the Streetwise Application Terms of Service, activation of the Streetwise application, and completion of one trip recorded by the Streetwise application. A performance reward is based on your use of the Streetwise application and driving. Points may be redeemed for merchandise or other rewards through the Streetwise Rewards Program. Any points you have earned will be available to you as long as you are an active member of the Streetwise Drivers Club. If however you do not record a trip for 30 days in the Streetwise application, you will become inactive and your points will not be able to be redeemed. You may become active again and reinstate your earned points by recording a trip in the Streetwise application. The rewards program or any portion of the rewards program may be revised or terminated with 30 days prior written notice. If the rewards program is terminated, you will have 90 days from the termination date to use all of your accumulated points. Streetwise Reward Program rules are available at

Insurance Discount
Streetwise members are eligible to receive auto insurance quotes from Answer Financial, and, in some instances, you may be eligible to receive discounts on your auto insurance quotes. In order to be eligible for a discount you must complete all the enrollment steps listed above. You must also record a minimum of 50 trips with at least 1 trip recorded by the Streetwise application within the last 30 days. Discount eligibility is determined by specific driving behaviors and the availability of a discount in your garaging state from a participating insurance carrier.

How Streetwise Data is Collected
Streetwise is administered by Answer Financial, who enters into arrangements with other companies to obtain driving information to administer the Streetwise program.  Arity LLC, a non-insurance company affiliate of Answer Financial, receives your driving data and analyzes it in order to determine the rewards and incentives you may earn based on safe driving behavior through the Streetwise program. The terms of service agreement between you and Arity governs the collection of driving information by Arity and describes how that data is collected and used by Arity. All vendors supporting the Streetwise program, including Arity, adhere to the strict privacy and data security standards within Answer Financial protocol. If you have questions about how Streetwise data is gathered, you should send an email to If you no longer wish to participate in the Streetwise you should delete the application from your mobile device and send an email to

How Streetwise Data is Used
The Streetwise application collects data based on driving behaviors, such as trip start and end times, miles, fast accelerations, hard stops, fast cornering, speed, and geo-location during a trip. For a detailed list of all data elements collected through the Streetwise application, go to Uninstalling the Streetwise application from your mobile device will stop data from being collected by the Streetwise application.

Data is collected by the Streetwise application when a trip is detected. Data collection for a trip will stop once motion is not detected for a specified amount of time. Data will not be collected if the device cannot establish a GPS connection or network connection or when the device battery power is low. Data is uploaded after a trip is complete. Once the data is uploaded, it is no longer stored on the device. Data used to calculate reward points may include speed, time of day, hard or extreme braking events and other driving related behavior metrics. Location services must be enabled for driving information to be collected. If the Streetwise application is not properly detecting trips, you should contact

Data from the Streetwise application may be used for the purpose of determining benefits of the Streetwise Reward Program as well as analysis and risk evaluation. Data collected from the Streetwise application may also be provided to insurance carriers if you contact Answer Financial for a quote and/or purchase insurance from Answer Financial. Those insurance carriers with which data is shared may then use it to determine the amount of your premium at quote, sale, and/or renewal.

Unless required by law as described below, data obtained from the Streetwise application will not be used to resolve insurance claims you may make unless a written request is received from you to share the data with an insurance carrier for its consideration. Data may also be disclosed to third parties, as required by law, and may be deemed discoverable by third parties and used in an accident investigation, litigation or both. You and Answer Financial may be legally required to provide the data to others and their legal counsel, and you should not expect to retain any privacy or confidentiality related to your use of the Streetwise application.

From time to time, you may be sent promotional offers that may be of interest to you.

Updating Your Phone
If you get a new phone or new phone number, you are responsible for updating the Streetwise application information and ensuring the Streetwise application is activated on the new phone in order to continue collecting data.  Any delay in updating phone information may impact eligibility in the Streetwise and Reward Program.

Data collected from the Streetwise application is subject to federal and state privacy protections and data received by Answer Financial is subject to the Answer Financial privacy policy. Answer Financial’s privacy policy can be viewed at

Cellular of Wireless Service
The Streetwise application transmits data via a wireless carrier or accessible Wi-Fi network. Streetwise, Answer Financial and its affiliates are not responsible or liable for any data charges associated with the use of any application. The service may occasionally be restricted, interrupted or discontinued due to conditions such as, but not limited to: application design, network coverage, government regulation, or other situations beyond Streetwise’s control.

You may not tamper with, alter, modify, change, disassemble, reverse engineer, copy, or duplicate in any manner, the Streetwise application or any other technology used to gather the data. When detected, you may be removed from any rewards and service offerings in which you are participating, and you may forfeit any rewards or offerings owed at the time of tampering. In addition, you may be subject to legal action and denied future participation in any Answer Financial programs or offerings.

Ending Participation
You may end your participation in the Streetwise at any time by deleting the Streetwise application from your mobile device and emailing your request to end your participation to Participation in the Streetwise Rewards Program can be affected by ending participation in the Streetwise. You may be permitted to re-enroll in the Streetwise by re-downloading the Streetwise application.

Streetwise Support
Any questions, comments, or concerns about the Streetwise should be directed to the Streetwise customer team at